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Welcome to MWC Outreach!  MWC is a  full-service outreach program that is designed to give a hand to a mother who never stops striving for a better life. 


MWC, known as Mother with Child, is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Outreach that is dedicated to mothers (aged 19 through 29) and their children.  MWC Outreach promotes  a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for homeless and/

or displaced mothers. Trauma and dislocation  caused by homelessness, which could be from a result of domestic violence, natural disaster, job loss and abandonment are amongst the many issues MWC strive to assist with.  

 Our Mission statement is just a testimony of the commitment of each woman that enters into our program.


Mission statement: Taking control of my future with solutions instead of holding on to a broken past.

MWC Outreach's Core Values

M-Magnanimous-being unselfish and generous showing kindness to one another

W-Willigness-willing to bring a positive change in the lives of others


C-Committment-Commited to ending homelessness through resources and education 

Our staff are here to serve the mothers and children that find themselves in a housing crisis.   We are committed to provide: shelter, food, as well as access to specialized services and individualized support.  Our objective is to provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for homeless mothers in order for them to recover physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  We are here to help and guide mothers back to their self-independence.  



MWC Outreach is designed to offer assistance to each mother to receive  higher learning. Mothers are encouraged to take courses that would benefit their transition back to independence. We offer GED assistance, resume prep, and job search assistance.  


MWC's future facility is expected to reach 5,000 square feet with the capability of housing up to 75 individuals per day. MWC Outreach will have a minimum of 25 individual family unit rooms, which allow the children to reside with their mothers. This 12 month program is designed to assist mothers from the ages of 19 to 29 in order for them to discover their own empowerment.  Even though we are still in search of the perfect place to have our brick and mortar building that has not stop us from doing the work that is needed. Through our partnerships with local business, churches and government agencies we provide  private temporary shelter to  permanent transition housing . We also provide our mothers and children with clothing from donations through our program  Our full time presence and commitment gives the opportunity for each mother to exit the streets of homelessness while opening up their very very own door to the place they will call home. 


Homelessness and health care are intimately connected together. Health care is a need for everyone but it is extremely challenging for the homeless. Unfortunately, these mothers and children that enter our program do not receive medical care.  The barriers to health care for them include lack of knowledge about where to get treated, lack of access to transportation, and lack of identification.  MWC wants to ensure that every mother and their child(ren) has adequate healthcare coverage.  Therefore, we will be working with all different sources to ensure this is something that the mothers and children will receive.


MWC Outreach offers an opportunity for mothers and children to participate in counseling and sessions that are often offered free of charge. The counseling provides a safe and confidential environment that is built on trust and acceptance.

The counseling empowers the mothers to achieve a lasting quality of life through self-discovery, understanding her strengths and also her weaknesses in a healthy environment.  We also believe that spiritual counseling is the foundation that is needed in becoming whole. Sunday worship to prayer and Bible study are provided to each mother and child. Knowing who Jesus is and how much he loves us will provide a joy that only He can give to start the spiritual healing that is needed.


Beyond relationship-building that is experienced at MWC Outreach we believe that diversity is extremely important. Homelessness has no preference on who it attacks and this is a concept that we understand.  We are here to lend a helping hand which includes mothers from all different cultures.  

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