Denessa Polk


Denessa is the Founder and CEO of MWC (Mother with Child) Outreach. She oversees the operation of the organization and ensures that the staff and Board of directors have sufficient and up to date information to perform their duties. Denessa is a licensed crisis chaplain, a motivational speaker and a business owner.  She is also a court appointed special advocate for children that are in the CPS system.  She has a passion to help others and her passion and concern for each mother and child was the reason for the concept of MWC Outreach. Denessa is experienced in fundraising, program management, staff management, and developmental expansions.  She also oversees the design, marketing, promotion, and the quality of this program. Denessa designed the organization’s programs to consider the needs of the mothers and children while understanding the frame of mind that each mother and child are in when entering into this program. Therefore, MWC Outreach focuses on things other than a temporary shelter. It focuses on the concept of a home within the community where mothers can start to rebuild their lives.

Nadia Gentry-Compton

Volunteer Board Member

Nadia is a certified medical coding technician who attended San Antonio College and the University of Phoenix in Health Administration. She is a volunteer that oversees our records as it relates to any health billing issues for our mothers and children at MWC. She reviews procedures regarding any medical records that MWC may have to obtain before mothers or children are enrolled into the program.

Beverly Mims

Beverly Mims is a licensed Missionary and a  volunteer spiritual counselor at MWC Outreach. Her job is to encourage each mother and child. Being a mother of five children she understands that the moment a child is born into the world the mother has a great responsibility to nourish that child. As a volunteer spiritual counselor, she helps the mothers in their spiritual growth. 

Michael Mims

Michael Mims is a licensed Pastor and a volunteer spiritual counselor at MWC Outreach whose job is to encourage each mother and child.  Sometimes we just need a little help remembering how remarkable, extraordinary, and capable we are in achieving our goals in life.  Michael counsels with the wisdom gained from his own personal life experiences with approaching each situation differently depending on issue.  His grounded approach to dealing with personal life issues allows him to facilitate truthful perspectives that are free from personal judgments. He assists those who may be struggling in their life's purpose.