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Donating gives our mothers hope that it is not just a dream of becoming self independent and having a stable place to call home but it is in fact a  reality.


Hope will allow one to see the light at the end of the tunnel and say I can do this.  Hope encourages one to push through the obstacles and acheive their goals. 


Because of your donations our mothers and children that are a part of our progarm now have hope.

Because of You

M.W.C (Mother with Child) Outreach will always be here to lend a helping hand.

Every day we see mothers who are homeless or they are faced with losing the roof over their heads. Hearing the worry in their voice and seeing the cry for help in their eyes doesn’t get any easier, and sadly more and more mothers are becoming homeless.  It’s heart-breaking to imagine someone facing homelessness with nowhere to turn, but your donations can help us to be there for these mothers who need us. The donations that are given helps us make sure no one has to fight homelessness aloneBecause of "YOU" these mothers and their children will be receiving the help that they need to transistion out of homelessness.  Every donation gives hope and changes lives for the mothers and children. Because you cared enough to share, we will be able to provide help to them, but most of all an opportunity for a brighter future. Your donation is the key for a better tomorrow for our mothers and children.

Thank you for your donation that you have given to MWC Outreach! Your tax-deductible donation will support the construction of our very first facility designed for optimal care and comfort for our Mothers and children.

Your commitment to helping MWC Outreach is sincerely appreciated. Your generosity will help us to continue our mission and to provide programs and resources that enable the Mothers and children to walk off the streets and to walk into their new beginnning.  

We rely heavily on community donations to help sustain our programs. We appreciate all gifts, large or small, to keep our services available to the community.


   Please Donate
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  Donations can be mailed to the following:

                    MWC OUTREACH

                      PO Box 7105

             Round Rock, TX 78683

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